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Brief Report for Independence Valley fault zone, northern section (Class A) No. 1582a

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citation for this record: Sawyer, T.L., Oswald, J.A., Rowley, P.C., and Anderson, R.Ernest, compilers, 1998, Fault number 1582a, Independence Valley fault zone, northern section, in Quaternary fault and fold database of the United States: U.S. Geological Survey website,, accessed 09/30/2014 11:51 AM.

Synopsis General: This zone of subparallel normal faults includes intermontane bedrock faults within the northern Pequop Mountains and range bounding faults separating the west flank of the range from the basin beneath Independence Valley. The fault extends from east of Holborn south, across Interstate 80, south to Brush Creek. Reconnaissance photogeologic mapping of fault related features and compilation geologic mapping are the sources of data. Trench investigations have not been conducted, but scarp profiles adequate for regression of scarp height against maximum scarp slope angle are reported for the southern section of the fault.

Sections: This fault has 2 sections. The general movement history and geometry of the fault zone suggest two possible sections. The northern section extends from the north end of the Pequop Mountains southward as range-front, intermontane, and short piedmont faults to about 13 km south of Interstate 80. The southern section extends from near 41? N latitude south to Brush Creek and is expressed almost entirely by west facing scarps on surficial deposits or erosion surfaces along the west base of the range.
County(s) and State(s) ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA
Physiographic province(s) BASIN AND RANGE
Length (km) This section is 26 km of a total fault length of 61 km.
Average strike N9°W (for section) versus N5°W (for whole fault)
Sense of movement Normal
Dip Direction W; E
Historic earthquake
Most recent prehistoric deformation Quaternary (<1.6 Ma)
Slip-rate category Less than 0.2 mm/yr
Date and Compiler(s) 1998
Thomas L. Sawyer, Piedmont Geosciences, Inc.
John A. Oswald, Piedmont Geosciences, Inc.
Peter C. Rowley, U.S. Geological Survey
R. Ernest Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey